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We resolve roof problems caused by storm damage.

Although your roof is made to be incredibly durable, even the best roofs aren’t immune to the effects of extreme weather. After an intense or prolonged storm, it is common for roofs to show signs of wind, hail, and water damage. Although the severity of the storm damage will vary case by case, it is important to have a professional roofer come by as soon as possible. We will be able to identify damages and fix them before they can get any worse and lead to more expensive damages down the line.

Storm Damage in Conway, South Carolina

Many things could go wrong on your roof during a storm, so when we come to inspect or repair storm damage on your roof, there are several things we might look for.

  • Missing shingles- High winds can tear your shingles clean off your roof, especially if your shingles were already peeling, cracked, curling, or broken before the storm.
  • Granule loss- As your roof ages, some granule loss is to be expected, but you may experience much more granule loss after a windstorm or hailstorm. This is a problem because the remaining granules will not be able to protect your roof against UV rays well and your roof may start to look drab.
  • Flashing damage- Flashing is the thin metal material that prevents water from entering seams and other openings on your roof. Flashing damage means your roof will be more prone to water damage.
  • Debris- Some debris is obvious, like a tree branch that has fallen on top of your roof, but other debris like rocks, plants, or pieces of outdoor furniture could also have found their way onto your roof due to strong winds.

If you are concerned your home in Conway, South Carolina has experienced storm damage, give us a call at Smith’s Roofing Solutions LLC. We would be happy to inspect your roof and create a repair plan.


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