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After completing a roof inspection, we’ll go through the results with you in detail.

When you glance at the roof on your Conway, South Carolina home, it might look like it’s in fairly good condition. But the reality is that many roofing problems aren’t evident from the ground. Severe problems may show warning signs like darkened patches, missing shingles, or granules in the gutters. But it takes an experienced and knowledgeable roofer to find issues and make recommendations.

Roof Inspection in Conway, South Carolina

Our team at Smith’s Roofing Solutions LLC can perform a roof inspection at your home to determine what’s going on and how your roof can better protect your home’s interior from harsh climate conditions and other problems.

A damaged roof is a serious liability, as the roof is the first line of protection for any type of structure. On your home, the roofing materials prevent moisture from seeping into your living space during every rainstorm and snowstorm. Your roof also aids in energy efficiency and maintains the comfort of the space. But when it can’t do its job due to damage, you may feel the effects. Drafty areas, rising energy bills, and uneven heating and cooling are all telltale signs that your roof needs attention. And our technicians can perform a roof inspection to figure out the next steps.

During a roof inspection, we’ll assess the entire surface for signs of damage. We will look for indications of wear and areas where the roof might not be providing sufficient protection anymore. After completing a roof inspection, we’ll go through the results with you in detail. We may also recommend a repair or replacement, depending on what we find. If you’d like to schedule a roof inspection or another service, contact us today.